Chickasaw Telecom Earns Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Partner

Chickasaw Telecom, Inc. has met the initial Identity Services Engine (ISE) ATP program requirements and criteria necessary to earn the designation of Cisco ATP – Identity Services Engine Partner in the USA.

Chickasaw Telecom, Inc. has met the rigorous Cisco certified personnel levels to be a qualified ATP – Identity Services Engine Partner. This qualification helps ensure that Chickasaw Telecom, Inc. sales and support organizations are better prepared to properly sell, design, install, and support the ATP program specific technology and products.

The Cisco ISE allows you to get a security policy management platform that automates and enforces context-aware security access to network resources. Cisco Identity Services Engine delivers superior user and device visibility to support enterprise mobility experiences and to control access. It shares data with integrated partner solutions to accelerate their capabilities to identify, mitigate, and remediate threats.

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